Only the beginning

So I can’t believe that I am finished with Straight from the Heart. It was a lot of months of writing here and there but I’m hoping every one will like it in the end.There were a lot of nights where I only wrote a hundred words, and sometimes 2,000 in a day. 

It was hard to write and think of ideas while I’m playing videos for the kids. But I’m putting forth a lot more effort with everything in this book, including the characters, editing, and formatting.

Where did I get the main character names from?:

I got the name Bryn from a family member (I won’t give away my daughters names, but Bryn was a part of her name.)

And Cale…I got his name idea from a band I was heavily into for awhile called Art of Dying. There is guitar player named Cale in the band, and I thought “That is such a cool name, and I’ve never heard that in a book yet!” so there ya go 🙂

I’m going through my first sort of edit first and then I want people non-related to myself to be able to have a chance to read through the book before it goes to a professional editor and is published.

Want more info? Email me at or visit my Facebook Author Page at



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